Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This New York couple wed on the 100th day of their relationship!

Talk about a New York minute. New Yorkers Sarah and Peter met on the online dating site jdate.com. After three dates they knew it was meant to be and after just 45 days, they were engaged. And after 55 days of wedding planning, they exchanged vows in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood where Peter had lived for several years.
The couple hosted their 150 guests in the street-like alley outside the carriage house which had undergone a 20-month renovation that ended just before the June nuptials.
In traditional Jewish weddings, the couple spends a few minutes just after the ceremony's conclusion alone together. So Sarah and Peter walked down the street to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade which overlooks the New York City skyline.
The newlyweds enjoy a quiet dance in the courtyard here, although later in the evening, remaining guests joined them in the basement of their home for dancing under two disco balls and an array of votive candles tucked into the nooks of the walls.

(In contrast, Jodi and Jon of Utah found true love after 15 years of friendship.)

(Via Martha Stewart Weddings)


Adriana said...

What a lovely wedding and great story, good luck to them!

Down and Out Chic said...

i guess when you know, you know. good for them.

Iris said...

Aww that's my old hood. Looks like a lovely wedding...