Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekly links

I changed things up a bit by including a few glam how-to's this week. As always, have a beautiful weekend. Your links...

make your own Christian Louboutin petal sandals at Maegan

make duo of tonka bean-flavored chocolate mousse at La Tartine Gourmande (Gluten free, bien sur.)

make red vanilla peppermint lip balm at Cut Out + Keep

crochet a flower out of pull tabs at Escama Studio via Curbly

make an accordion wedding album at Can't Stop Making Things via Craftzine

learn how to create a nighttime look by mastering a smoky eye at Cupcakes and Cashmere

make braised spring vegetables at (Naturally gluten free.)

refashion shirt sleeves into yoga capris at Luv In The Mommyhood via Craftzine

turn a planter pot into a modern pendant lamp at Design Sponge

make frozen grape apple slushies with Rachael Ray at Vanilla Spoonfuls

(Photo by Kalle Gustafsson)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I wonder what he did to piss her off so much.

(Photo via Le Love)

Do you have wood floors or carpet in your bedroom?

My husband originally wanted wall-to-wall in our bedroom, for a more comfy and cozy feel. I always liked the look of wood floors. So we have wood. Though I think the room could probably use a throw rug. Or two.Answers to yesterday's Map That Outfit!:

1. Milan
2. Sao Paulo
3. Paris
4. Hamburg
5. New York

One more thing. Visit Vanilla Spoonfuls for a refreshing and healthy summertime snack.

(Photos via Design Sponge, weheartit and Flickr)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's time to play...Map That Outfit!

The cities are: New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, Milan and Hamburg. Answers will be posted tomorrow. By the way, which look is your favorite?

(Photos via The Sartorialist)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sneaking back in

This photograph by Annabel Mehran reminds me of a friend back in high school who used to climb out her bedroom window at night to rendezvous with boys. Didn't we all have a friend like this.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Enjoy the unofficial start of summer.

I hope to have weekly links up by tomorrow--simply swamped today. A gluten and dairy free recipe for a Memorial Day picnic must-have posted today at Vanilla Spoonfuls.

(Photo via Black Eiffel Tumblr)

Yes, Maegan, navy and black can be worn together.

Last week, Maegan (as in Maegan) posed a question about these two colors worn together. I'm not sure the combo works in every circumstance, but it certainly does here...
(Photos via Lyell)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This pre-war New York apartment is on the market for $1,695,000.

I'm actually surprised that I haven't posted any real estate related items sooner. Real estate is a passion of mine--I'll even go so far as to say it's my one true passion.Built in 1925 and converted to a co-op in 1981, "the building is a fine full-service and pet-friendly pre-war with all the vintage hallmarks and aura of the 1920s. Amenities include a seasonal landscaped common roof terrace; free storage unit with each apartment; bicycle racks and a laundry room (washer/dryers are also permitted in the apartments); and a live-in super." Monthly maintenance fees are $2,470. More info about this 1827 square foot three-bedroom home located in the heart of Carnegie Hill can be found on Curbed. What do you think? Do you want me to schedule a showing for you?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Norma Kamali + Wal-Mart = Not Bad

Settle down please. I know it's Wal-Mart. But where else can you fill up your shopping cart with seventeen items--ranging from milk and large boxes of twelve-pack socks, underwear and paper cute girls' tops and light bulbs, a few perennials and an electric broom--all for under $75? Okay. Where else?

So do you ever shop at Wal-Mart?

*Eat your greens. Check out my new gluten free blog Vanilla Spoonfuls today for recipe links.*

Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekly links

Weekend is here! Have a good one. The links...

make lamb lemonato at Vanilla Spoonfuls (My NEW gluten free blog!!)

make a faux pearl necklace out of cornstarch clay at Tissuepapers via Craftzine

learn how to make a credit card bracelet at Scavenging via WhipUp

crochet a statement necklace at Stitch Diva Studios via Craftzine

make a waterproof tablecloth apron at Instructables (Very handy.)

learn how to make your own panel curtains in less than 4 hours! at Casa Sugar via Apartment Therapy (I'm not really getting AT's use of the exclamation mark here.)

make roasted garlic-lima bean spread at (It's naturally gluten free.)

(Photo via Flickr)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In which room do you prefer this painting?

By the way, here are the answers to yesterday's Map That Outfit!:

1. Los Angeles
2. Moscow
3. New York
4. Stockholm
5. Sydney

(Photography by Miles Redd via Luphia loves...)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Map That Outfit!

I had so much fun with this a couple of weeks ago (and I think so did a few of you) - that I decided to do it again. The cities are - Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Stockholm and Moscow. Answers will be posted tomorrow.

(Photos via The Sartorialist)

Monday, May 11, 2009

It is with great pleasure that I accept my second blog award.

Last week I received this Kreativ Blogger Award from Accidentally, Kle. Thank you! I pass this award to:

Ciao, Chessa!
Droll Girl
Heart of Light
red. door. read
Simply Gluten Free
The English Muse

Check out these blogs if you haven't already.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekly links

Have a wonderful weekend! And to all the moms out there - I wish you a magical Mother's Day. Things you know I won't be doing anytime soon...

turn an ugly plastic mirror into a shabby chic bulletin board at Craftynest via Curbly

make a gluten free spinach-broccoli quiche with oven roasted red potatoes at Gluten Free In Cleveland

learn 4 ways to hide the back of the air conditioner unit at Apartment Therapy

make a free motion embroidery trivet at The Long Thread via WhipUp (This one comes recommended as a nice Mother's Day project.)

make upcycled quilted coasters at Apartment Therapy

make a baby food jar chandelier at Natural Home via Re-Nest

make a jumbo rickrack brooch for Mother's Day at Craft Stylish via Craftzine

(Photo via weheartit)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I absolutely love the name and tag line of this shop.

Here are a few things sold at Noun...
Wanna guess the name of the shop's blog? Grammar Girl of course.

By the way, I'm in the process of creating a new gluten free gift basket for Vanilla Spoons. Do you have any suggestions of a movie-themed name for this new basket?

(Layout via Oh Joy!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is the song Adam Lambert should sing tonight on American Idol.

It's Rock Week on American Idol. I know it's short notice--but Adam, if you're reading, my daughter and I think you should sing this song. It's perfect for you. Or maybe you're perfect for it. (Especially the part at 3:50.)

Monday, May 4, 2009

A New York wedding

Photography by New York-based photographer extraordinaire Monica L. Shulman...
Check out Monica's blog Ciao, Chessa!.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Bipartisan Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act Needs Our Support!

I just received the following email (written by a surgeon) which I want to share with my readers:

I'll never forget the look in my patients' eyes when I had to tell them they had to go home with the drains, new exercises and no breast. I remember begging the doctors to keep these women in the hospital longer, only to hear that they would, but their hands were tied by the insurance companies.

So there I sat with my patient giving them the instructions they needed to take care of themselves, knowing full well they didn't grasp half of what I was saying, because the glazed, hopeless, frightened look spoke louder than the quiet 'Thank you' they muttered.

A mastectomy is when a woman's breast is removed in order to remove cancerous breast cells/tissue. If you know anyone who has had a mastectomy, you may know that there is a lot of discomfort and pain afterwards. Insurance companies are trying to make mastectomies an outpatient procedure. Let's give women the chance to recover properly in the hospital for 2 days after surgery.

This Mastectomy Bill is in Congress now. It takes 2 seconds to do this and is very important. Please take the time and do it really quick! The Breast Cancer Hospitalization Bill is important legislation for all women.

Please send this to everyone in your address book. If there was ever a time when our voices and choices should be heard, this is one of those times. If you're receiving this, it's because I think you will take the 30 seconds to go to vote on this issue and send it on to others you know who will do the same.

There's a bill called the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act which will require insurance companies to cover a minimum 48-hour hospital stay for patients undergoing a mastectomy. It's about eliminating the 'drive-through mastectomy' where women are forced to go home just a few hours after surgery, against the wishes of their doctor, still groggy from anesthesia and sometimes with drainage tubes still attached.

Lifetime Television has put this bill on their web page with a petition drive to show your support. Last year over half the House signed on. PLEASE! Sign the petition by clicking on the website below. You need not give more than your name and zip code number.

My Lifetime's Breast Cancer Petition

This takes about 2 seconds. PLEASE PASS THIS ON to 20 friends. Thank you.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekly links

Happy May Day and happy weekend! Things you may wish to do...

learn how to work the bed on the floor look at Apartment Therapy

make fruity quinoa stuffed peppers at Food Blogga (Though not specified as gluten free, this recipe naturally is.)

change a piece of furniture for less than $30 at Kotori

learn how to pick out throw pillows at Apartment Therapy

make your own reusable makeup remover pads at Sproutz via Craft Stylish

tie-dye your couch's slipcover at Amethistle via Craftzine

make a bird mobile at Spool via Aiyana Laughed

(Photo by Annabel Mehran via Lolita)