Thursday, May 21, 2009

Enjoy the unofficial start of summer.

I hope to have weekly links up by tomorrow--simply swamped today. A gluten and dairy free recipe for a Memorial Day picnic must-have posted today at Vanilla Spoonfuls.

(Photo via Black Eiffel Tumblr)


down and out chic said...

ok, never thought i'd want a striped i want one. good luck with your busy day!

Jessie Cacciola said...

summer has begun by me. :)

TheBeautyFile said...

Happy summer!! (unofficially, of course!)

Georgia B. said...

love this photo! thank god that not wearing white until after memorial day rule is not a rule anymore—that's all i can say! :)

oh, that and, have a great weekend!

Tina said...

have a wonderful weekend lovie!!

jacobithegreat said...

I have to say I missed the weekend links- they're always so unique and fun. I hope your busy weekend was awesome!

Anonymous said...