Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Map That Outfit!

I had so much fun with this a couple of weeks ago (and I think so did a few of you) - that I decided to do it again. The cities are - Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Stockholm and Moscow. Answers will be posted tomorrow.

(Photos via The Sartorialist)


PS~Erin said...

Here's my go at it:

1~LA 2~NY 3~Stockholm 4~Moscow 5~Sydney

So fun!

The Beauty File said...

This is pretty awesome!

1- Sydney
2- Moscow
3- NY
4- Stockholm
5- LA

kle said...


1 LA
2 Stockholm
3 NY
4 Moscow
5 Sydney

drollgirl said...

FUCK!!! i live in los angeles, so i should get at least one of these right! i think los angeles would be pic #1? but i am shaky at best on this. hahahahahha.

Gina said...

1. LA
2. NY
3. Stockholm
4. Moscow
5. Sydney

I guess I'm the same guess as Erin! Oops. I could just as easily swap NY and Moscow, though!

The Lil Bee said...

LA, Moscow, NYC, Stockholm, Sydney

Georgia B. said...

i'm not even gonna try. i would fail miserably. :)

but i adore that last photo! it looks so vintage—like a photo my mom would have from the 60s of something she would wear.