Monday, January 25, 2010

Celebrity encounter

I know you must be thinking...Oh, no. Here she goes, with yet another celebrity-themed post. But I just HAD to share with you that last night whilst picking up a few groceries at Whole Foods...I saw, and spoke with, actress Marion Cotillard. She only happens to be the star of one of my most favorite films EVER, La Vie En Rose. Not to mention she's currently in new fave Nine. LOVE her. (That's all I'm telling.)

(Photo via weheartit)


the style crusader said...

oh that's totally amazing!! did you tell her how much you adore her or did you try to play it cool? i think i would lose it if i saw someone from my favourite movie. xx

Melanie's Randomness said...

That's so cool!!! I love her! Your so lucky!!!

オテモヤン said...


TheBeautyFile said...

NO WAY! I love her...I would not know what to say to her!

elena said...

Oh wow! That is so cool. What a once in a lifetime experience to have. I love her as an actress. Great post! ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG! Why did you tell all of your bloggers already that you saw me?
-Marion Cottilard

Chelsea said...
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Chelsea said...

That's awesome! Don't stop sharing your celebrity encounters.

Last month I saw Shia Labeouf and his g/f Carrie Mulligan walking past me while I got gas. Needless to say, I had a bit of a freak out moment and words weren't even exchanged. lol

blair said...

i love your blog!

Adriana said...

wow, starstruck! I would post about that encounter too..not the most flattering picture of her though! Still yet to see Nine, can't wait :)

Adriana said...

what did you guys talk about?

Cathi said...

I love her! I probably wouldn't have talked to her - glad you did! I hope she was as nice as I think she is...:)

Levinson Axelrod said...

Lucky! She's a beautiful person in real life I'm sure.

Jenna said...

Awesome! She seems so lovely. I don't think I would have talked to her.