Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thin Photography Exhibit at Smith College

Yesterday world-renowned photographer and eating disorder activist Lauren Greenfield presented and discussed her work at the Smith College Museum of Art. Unfortunately, I hadn't heard about the lecture until today. Ms. Greenfield's Thin and Girl Culture - Major solo exhibition is currently on view at SCMA through April 26. (I definitely won't miss this.)

THIN is a documentary project by Greenfield on the subject of eating disorders. She followed and photographed a group of women in treatment at the Renfrew Center in Florida, producing color photographs and a documentary film about the women and their experiences. Thin grew out of an earlier body of work, Girl Culture, which focused on the image-obsession of women of all ages in the United States. Selections from Girl Culture will also be on display in an adjacent gallery to provide a context for Thin and expand the themes of the show.

On March 27 there will be a second screening of her award-winning documentary Thin at Smith. The film follows four girls in their daily lives at Renfrew. The film explores the process of treatment, the cycle of addiction, and the unique relationships, rules, and rituals that define everyday life within the treatment center.