Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly links

Have a great weekend! Things you can do:

make a versatile weekender tote using cotton wax cloth and leatherette at Weekend Designer via WhipUp via Tipnut

make gluten free roasted tomato and leek pasta at Gluten Hates Me (Only four ingredients.)

disguise a damaged or ugly ceiling at Apartment Therapy

make a patchwork pet bed at Apartment Therapy (Maybe Anonymously Chic could use another spare?)

make a paper telephone sculpture using raffle tickets and Scotch Tape at Craftzine

make a Dixie Cup spherical dodecahedron at Instructables via Apartment Therapy (It's a plastic cup hanging lamp. Maybe it can help with #3.)

fake a clean house at Real Simple via Apartment Therapy

(Photo via A Little Sussy)


anonymously chic said...

oooh, i can always use an extra dog bed and those are really cute! i'm just worried if i make something i might be tempted to kill my dogs if they eat it:(

oni said...

im always faking a clean house

CAPow said...

this post just added 2 more things to my to-do list: make that awesome bag, and make a sweater bed for my cats!

nkp said...

Okay, so I'm completely behind on all my favorite blogs, obviously, including yours...just not enough time in the day!

"Fake a clean house," made me laugh out loud, don't have to follow that link because I am an expert at that! ;0) Now I have to check out your other brilliant finds.

Anonymous said...

I just love your link round-ups! You always find the best stuff!

That pet bed is too cute--and now that we're allowed to have pets in the new place (!) I just might have to start collecting scraps to make one!

Sorry I've been absent with comments the last week or so---it's been crazy 'round here! Can't wait to get settled in the new place and get back into my regular routine :)