Monday, March 9, 2009

French Aristocracy Photos by Lauren Greenfield

After discovering that I had missed Lauren Greenfield's lecture at Smith College, I decided to do some googling of Ms. Greenfield. And boy am I glad that I did. Because we all know that in addition to writing about 'la vida gluten free' and shamelessly plugging Vanilla Spoons, I can't resist posting--well, those irresistible images. And Lauren Greenfield's portfolio is chock-full of them. She was named by American Photo as one of the 25 most influential photographers working today.

The leader of a hunting club in the Foret de Cuvee sits down to a feast in the forest after the weekly hunt on horseback in Burgundy France.

Family and friends reunite at the family chateau near Paris for the occasion of an aristocratic couple's 25th wedding anniversary.

Elder women at a wedding reception in a chateau near Paris. Maintaining a chateau is a financial burden for contemporary aristocrats and some have turned to renting their chateaus for weddings.

Young aristocratic couples dance at the exclusive Jockey Club in Paris. To become a member of this elite club, families have to provide documentation going back several generations to prove the true nobility of their family line.

French aristocratic children join social clubs called "rallyes" which become their primary form of social life. They begin meeting to play bridge and theatre, then graduate to dance lessons, and eventually dance parties.

A maid dries dishes in the estate she has worked in since her childhood in Burgundy France.

Did you notice that nobody seems particularly happy in any of these?

(Photography and text by Lauren Greenfield via vii Photo Agency)


Blair said...

Even the dancing boys don't seem hapy:/ These are wonderful pictures though!

tanya said...

I love her work--very powerful despite its simplicity. Thanks for sharing!

sherri said...

beautiful images, even if everyone looks bored and pissed.

Jess Constable said...

What a great post series! I really enjoyed reading and looking at these picks.

Nice job!

Nicole said...

Crazy interesting photos! Thanks for sharing.

Georgia B. said...

hi, absolutely not martha!

you're right. i do enjoy your blog! i will be adding it to my blog roll. i always enjoy finding and following a new good blog!

thanks for stopping by.