Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekly links

Finally. Weekly Links are back. (For this week anyway. Who knew moving a family of five cross country could take so much out of a girl?) Enjoy a beautiful fall weekend! Here are your links...

figure out how to decorate with the color orange at 2Modern Design Talk via Curbly

make gluten free Indian baked butternut squash at I am a Celiac (Cinnamon again.)

sew a Where The Wild Things Are hat and pattern at Instructables (The movie opens in theaters today!)

make a Tom Binns-inspired chunky necklace at Maegan

transform an old raincoat into the Rainskirt at Craftzine

make your home earthquake safe at Apartment Therapy (Good idea now that I live in California.)

make a spiderweb tablecloth with eerie pom-pom spiders at Martha Stewart

And the answers to yesterday's Map That Outfit! are:
1. Paris
2. Milan
3. London
4. New York
5. Florence

(Photo via Copenhagen Cycle Chic)


amy and ann said...

oh thanks for the link! XOXOX. adding you to our sidebar now.
amy :)

Cathi said...

happy weekend to you...earthquakes are few and far between....hope you are enjoying california!


That photo some how reminds me of butternut squash with cinnamon.

..You do know that you do not need to live with Celiac forever..right?

I am was and now am done.
Our ancient Celtic blood line moves in on us after an illness but, that doesn't mean we have to invite that ghost to stay for our lifetime.

Although you/we will be healthier in the long run if we do stick with it. The anti-inflammatory factors alone will save us from pain.

Be well. Live swell.

Girl in the loft said...

I love your recipe links. Thank you!

JennyMac said...

What great links! I have a friend who is not down with gluten so I am passing that one for sure.

Raru said...

Thank you for the links.
Have a nice day!