Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekly links

Breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder, putting a hat on a bed, itchy palms and itchy noses. Are you superstitious? Have a great weekend--just don't let any milk boil over! Here are your links...

diamond tuft a wall at Better Homes and Gardens via Curbly

make gluten free roasted fish and chips at Simply Gluten Free

refashion a man's hoodie sweatshirt at Happy Together via Craftzine

learn ways to manage pets at the party at Apartment Therapy

makeover your rental kitchen (without paint) for eighty bucks at Re-Nest

make book page wreaths at Living With Lindsay via Apartment Therapy

cover plain floating bookshelves with wallpaper at Martha Stewart (Just imagine--Martha and I both had wallpaper on the brain. The same day.)

(Photo by Rodney Smith found here)


Adriana said...

Actually I'm not superstitious, thank goodness! It sounds like hard work! ha, enjoy your weekend :)

sinnlighet said...

My God, Your blog is a miracle of beauty & sensuality! Love love love!!

A Swedish footprint by Agneta

down comforter said...

Thanks for the links - LOVE the tufted wall from BH&G :)

vintage simple said...

Ha - I love that photo..! I am superstitious, but I think I'm supposed to ignore it because it feeds my OCD. ...aren't you glad you asked?? ;)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.