Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Got Le Creuset?

I used to have their whistling tea kettle in cobalt blue. Very nice--though it eventually ceased to whistle.

[**By the way, some of you may be interested in reading last week's New York Times article about the expense of eating with celiac disease.]

(Photo via Apartment Therapy)


cathi said...

Love Le Creuset - I don't happen to have any, but have always admired them from afar.

As far as eating gluten free, I have never been diagnosed, but try to eat gluten free as it makes me feel much better. I am happy to see it becoming more available all over. Alot of our restaurant is the Los Angeles area - have gluten free menus to chose from also.

Zenkichi said...

my mother got me an orange Le Creuset (just like the pic!) when i got married - i make everything and anything with it (including baby food for my son)! i love it love it love it.

Callie Grayson said...

love that kitchen!!!
I have a few Le Creuset pieces that were my mum when she got married, and they are orange and I LOVE THEM TO PIECES!!

Gina said...

Isn't Le Creuset great? I love the colors! I mix them with Chantal.

I read that NY times article earlier this week - it was a really comprehensive article for being on the medium-short side! I had never thought about some of the medical-industry issues with celiac that the article brought up. Very enlightening!

Kotori said...

Oh, I'm so jealous... to have that much Le Creuset... how lucky!


1) Knee-Highs is for the junior crowd.
Though I wouldn't mind wearing them to winterize a dress.

2) All my Le Creuset pots are all different colors, Bright blue, orange and flame. When they are all on the stove at the same time, it is festive.

3)We can move past Celiac, and work with it as long as we wish or need. It is called a "No Carb" diet. Lots of folks do it easily and willingly, with out buying into "act-as-if" foods.
I was part of the 10% crowd who could not even digest Rice!
I have moved on.

down pillow said...

Interesting Times article. I honestly didn't even know what celiac disease was.

Blair said...

I have a small cobalt pot and adore it! Would love to have that many of their paces in my kitchen:)

Pink Wallpaper said...

that's one lucky kitchen!!

melanie lace said...

I have one big Le Creuset Pot and although it was mucho expensive, it was well worth the $$. I use it several times a month and is a must in my tiny apartment!

vintage simple said...

Sorry, I am distracted by that cute Smeg fridge. It is all I see. I love it - have loved it dearly for a while now. Sigh.