Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly links

Feeling smoochy? If you're ever in need of some lovey dovey, romantic and sweet, (sometimes sexy) images, check out Le Love. Yes, that's where I found this photo. Here are some things to keep you busy this weekend...

make a chalkboard labeled chest of drawers at Apartment Therapy

convert an unwanted painting into a reusable grocery bag at Instructables via Craftzine

make gluten free cubed steak and gravy at Fab Grandma

refresh a laminate sideboard at Apartment Therapy

turn your guy's old work shirts into a rag bucket at Slugs On The Refrigerator via WhipUp

create a faux fireplace at Apartment Therapy

re-purpose peanut butter jars into storage containers for screws at Chez Larsson (Finish the peanut butter first though.)