Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekly links

Sit back. Relax. And have a fabulous weekend. Your links...

make papier-mache party lights at Reese Dixon via Craftzine

make a gluten free chocolate root beer cake at Hey, that tastes good!

add a temporary flower embellishment to your toddler's shoes at Happy Together via Craftzine

re-upholster a pair of sneakers at Curbly

make orange rind votives at Beekman1802 via Curbly

make Altoid tin mini toolboxes for Father's Day at Alpha Mom via Craftzine

dye your couch cushions a new color at Sean Ragan via Craftzine

make a cardboard cat chaise at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories via WhipUp

make a robot cup and saucer at Prime-Number via Curbly

(Photo via CiaoChessa's Flickr photostream)

4 comments: Maegan said...

oooh ..Craftzine is fun!

thebeautyfile said...

love the links, love the photo! Have a great weekend!

voguemanie said...

great links!!

Chessa! said...

hey lady...thank you for including my photo in your roundup:)