Monday, November 10, 2008

Vanilla Spoons Of Course

Who are we kidding? The only reason I started this blog was to plug Vanilla Spoons. So plug away I shall.

In search of the perfect gift that shows them you get it? (I am referring here to your loved one's gluten/wheat intolerance.) After spending nearly a decade checking and re-checking ingredients labels, I decided to start a little gluten free gift basket business. (My son was diagnosed at age two with celiac disease which means he can't eat foods containing gluten.) Me putting on a gluten free baker's apron and opening a bakery just wasn't in the cards.

There are 7 different baskets to choose from ranging in price from $69.95-$139.95. You'll notice a movie theme thing going on over at Vanilla Spoons. For instance, there's Close Encounters of the Sweet Kind filled with sweet stuff like chocolate bars, licorice and white chocolate peanut butter. Yum. And there's Mix and the City which has an assortment of gluten free mixes and comes with VANILLA extract and wooden SPOON. I know. Corny.

So please do check out the store if you'd like. Holidays are right around the corner, yada yada.

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